Daniel H. Ashmead, Ph.D.



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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences
Ph.D., Child Psychology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MinnesotaSc.B., Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Office Address
Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Ctr
MCE South Tower, Rm. 8310
1215 21st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37232-8242
Ashmead, D. H., & Wall, R. S. Auditory perception of walls via spectral variations in the ambient sound field. 1999.

McCarty, M. E., & Ashmead, D. H. Visual control of reaching and grasping in infants. 1999.

Ashmead, D. H., Wall, R. S., Ebinger, K. A., Eaton, S. B., Snook-Hill, M-M, & Yang, X. Spatial hearing in children with visual disabilities. 1998.

Ashmead, D. H., Wall, R. S., Eaton, S. B., Ebinger, K. A., Snook-Hill, M-M., Guth, D. A., & Yang, X. Echolocation reconsidered: Using spatial variations in the ambient sound field to guide locomotion. 1998.

Strouse, A. & Ashmead, D. H, Ohde, R. N, & Grantham, D. W. Temporal processing in the aging auditory system. 1998.