Brian O. Bachmann, Ph.D.

Faculty Appointments
Co-Director of the Program in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Professor of Chemistry Professor of BiochemistryProfessor of Pharmacology
Ph.D., Chemistry, Bioorganic, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MarylandM.A., CHEMISTRY, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MarylandM.S., Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TexasB.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia
Office Address
Vanderbilt University
Chemistry Department
12435J MRB IV
Nashville, TN 37235
Research Description
Research in the Vanderbilt Laboratory for Biosynthetic studies (PI, Brian O. Bachmann) concerns itself with three main topics:

* How does nature assemble molecules?

* What are the boundaries of moleclular diversity accessible by natural processes?

* How can we harness our understanding of these molecular proceses, their limitations and potential towards the ultimate goal of engineering the biosynthesis of any molecule imaginable?

Natural product biosynthetic pathway elucidation studies have traditionally focused on the stepwise dissection of the biochemical and genetic mechanisms of natural product assembly in vivo. We are elaborating on these studies, with a focus on the biosynthesis of pharmacophores of relevance to human health and we are particularly interested in pharmacophores which present challenges to chemical synthesis.

Currently, we are investigating the biosynthesis of alpa-aminophosphonates, which are potent inhibitors of zinc-metaloproteinase enzymes. We are also investigating the biosynthesis of benzodiazepines and orthosomycin type oligosaccharides.

Metabolic pathway engineering studies have emphasized the assembly and modification of biosynthetic pathways to produce to improve pathways for the production of existing compounds. Our vision is to apply the natural product biosyntheitc design rules the biosynthetic community has explored over the previous decades towards the synthesis of non-natural compounds of value to academic and industrial communities. What are the limitations and potential for total synthesis practiced in vivo?

Natural product discovery studies expand upon the structure/activity space of known chemical entities. We are developing a program in natural product discovery from highly unusual microbial sources. The goal of this program is drug discovery of novel chemical with antimicrobial activity.
Research Keywords
Biosynthesis of bioactive secondary metabolites.
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