Jo-Anne Bachorowski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WisconsinM.S., PSYCHOLOGY MS, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WisconsinA.B., Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana
Office Address
307 Wilson Hall
Nashville, TN
Research Description
Bachorowski's research is broadly concerned with vocal communication. Several specific areas of interest include laughter, vocal expression of emotion, and acoustic cues to talker sex and individual identity in speech. Some of the overarching goals of this research program include understanding how vocal acoustics provide information concerning motivational state, elicit emotional responses in listeners, and contribute to fundamental aspects of relationships, such as auditory recognition of individuals. Research strategies typically involve detailed acoustic analysis of vocal signals and follow-up perceptual tests of the importance of these production-related findings to listeners. For example, in our laughter-related work, we record laughter samples from research participants who are tested in particular social and behavioral contexts. These laugh samples are then subjected to acoustic analysis in which acoustic cues associated with vocal fold vibration and supralaryngeal vocal tract filtering are measured. Among other results, we are finding that laugh acoustics vary with both the sex of and level of familiarity with one's social partner. Confirmation of the importance of these acoustic differences is now being sought by testing listeners' responses to various laugh stimuli under controlled conditions. Interests in psychopathology include both autism and maternal depression, and includes studying the impact of depressed mothers' infant-directed speech on infant learning and development.
Research Keywords
Vocal acoustics and emotion
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