Walter J. Chazin, Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Biochemistry Chancellor's Chair in MedicineProfessor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Physical Organic Chemistry, Concordia University, Montreal, CanadaB.S., Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Office Address
Center for Structural Biology
465 21st Avenue S., Suite 5140
Nashville, TN 37232-8725
Research Description
Research in my laboratory uses a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and structurally-oriented approach to address key problems in biology and medicine. At the molecular level, we study the structure and dynamics of proteins and their complexes with other proteins, nucleic acids and small molecule ligands. My independent career began as a biomolecular NMR spectroscopist, but our laboratory is now an integrated structural biology lab that uses many structural, biophysical and biochemical techniques, including calorimetry, fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, X-ray/neutron scattering, electron microscopy, computation, and biochemical assays in vitro and in cells. Our studies are greatly enhanced by numerous collaborators at Vanderbilt, around the country and across the world. Research areas include genome maintenance (DNA replication, damage response and repair), innate immunity and the host-pathogen struggle, and calcium regulation of cardiac ion channels.
Research Keywords
genome maintenance; DNA replication; DNA repair; cancer drug discovery; innate immunity; inflammation; microbial pathogeneisis; calmodulin; calprotectin; replication protein A; DNA primase; XPA; XPC; S100 proteins; polymerase switching; cancer; diabetes; chemical biology; small molecule discovery; structural biology; protein dynamics;
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 12/8/2014
One is for accomplished structural biologist to work on the assembly and function of multi-protein E3 ubiquitin ligases. A second position is for US citizen or green card holder for work on DNA replication and repair proteins. Please apply by e-mail to sending CV and names of three references.