Brandt F. Eichman, Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Chair of Biological Sciences Professor of Biological Sciences William R. Kenan, Jr. ChairWilliam R. Kenan, Jr. ChairProfessor of BiochemistryProfessor of Biochemistry
Ph.D., Biochemistry & Biophysics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OregonB.S., Chemistry, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
Office Address
Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University
Box 351634, Station B
Nashville, TN 37235-1634
Research Description
DNA damage from environmental toxins and cellular metabolites thwarts DNA replication and transcription and leads to genome instability, cell death, and diseases including cancer. Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of proteins that repair DNA damage and ensure faithful DNA replication. We use an integrated approach of structural biology (X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy), biochemistry, and genetics to develop high-resolution models that explain the function of DNA repair and replication machinery. Current projects include (1) repair of stalled replication forks by specialized DNA motor proteins, (2) protection of abasic sites by DNA-protein crosslinking proteins, (3) DNA glycosylase repair of interstrand DNA crosslinks and DNA adducts formed by complex antimicrobial natural products, and (4) initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication. The long-term goals are to understand the fundamental processes underlying genome maintenance and to develop new therapeutic strategies that target genetic diseases.
Research Keywords
DNA repair, DNA replication, Genome maintenance, Structural biology, X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-EM, Biochemistry, Chemical biology, Antibiotic resistance, Secondary metabolite, Nucleic acid biology
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 11/6/2022

Postdoctoral positions are available in the lab of Brandt Eichman to study the molecular mechanisms of proteins involved in DNA replication and repair.

Current projects include (1) repair of stalled replication forks by specialized DNA motor proteins, (2) protection of abasic sites by DNA-protein crosslinking proteins, (3) DNA glycosylase repair of interstrand DNA crosslinks and DNA adducts formed by complex antimicrobial natural products, and (4) initiation of eukaryotic DNA replication.

A Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field is required. Experience in structural biology (X-ray crystallography or electron microscopy) is highly desirable.

To apply, please email CV, a cover letter describing why you are interested in the lab, reprints of recent publications, and names of 3 references to Brandt Eichman (

Lab webpage: