Judy Garber, Ph.D.


Faculty Appointments
Professor of Psychology & Human Development Cornelius Vanderbilt ChairProfessor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MinnesotaB.A., State University of New York, Buffalo, New York
Office Address
552 GPC
230 Appleton Place
Nashville, TN 37203-5721
Research Description
Judy Garber, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology (Peabody and A&S) and Psychiatry. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology (clinical) from the University of Minnesota (Paul Meehl, advisor) in 1987, with prior research training at the University of Pennsylvania with Martin Seligman (former APA president), and a clinical internship at the University of Washington in Seattle. Garber received the Boyd McCandless Award from the Division of Developmental Psychology of APA for Early Career Research Achievement (1992), and the David Shakow Young Investigator Award from the Division of Clinical Psychology of APA (1995). She has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology and the APA online journal Prevention and Treatment. Garber has held a FIRST Award (R29), two different multi-site R01 grants for which she was the primary PI, an Independent Research Scientist Award (K02) from NIMH, and a Young Scholars Award and research grant from the William T. Grant Foundation. In addition, she is co-PI on a grant from NICHD to study illness behavior in children in collaboration with Drs. Walker, Smith, and Compas. The focus of Garber’s research program is on the etiology, maintenance, prevention, and treatment of mood disorders in children and adolescents. Through longitudinal inquiry with high-risk samples, she has tested a diathesis-stress model of the development of depression, with particular emphasis on psychosocial risk factors. Her current studies address the prevention of depression in offspring of depressed parents either through treatment of the depressed parent or through direct cognitive-behavioral interventions with the at-risk adolescent. She has mentored over fifteen scientists who have gone on to academic appointments in research universities.
Research Keywords
Depression in children and adolescents, Prevention of depression, Offspring of depressed parents
Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 5/9/2008
National Institute of Mental Health (T32MH18921), "Life span development of normal and abnormal behavior." Focus on developmental psychopathology and prevention science.