Colin Armstrong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical
Faculty Appointments
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationPsychologist Kim Dayani Center
Ph.D., San Diego State University, San Diego, CaliforniaB.A., California State University, Bakersfield, California
Office Address
Vanderbilt Dayani Center,
1500 Medical Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37232-8285
Clinical Description
Colin is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in the School of Medicine at Vanderbilt. He is an Integrative Health Psychologist and Health Coach Trainer at the Vanderbilt Dayani Center for Health & Wellness. His work focuses on mind-body wellness (e.g., adherence to exercise and medications; adapting to a medical condition; stress management; and the development of resilience, hope & happiness). His clinic focuses primarily on helping patients suffering from heart, lung and voice disorders.

Colin received his Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of California, San Diego and completed his internship and postdoctoral training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is published in such journals as The American Journal of Health Promotion, The Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Perceptual & Motor Skills, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Global Advances in Health and Medicine, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, and Psychology and Health. He has co-authored a book chapter on motivation for healthy change and is the author of evidence-based treatment guidelines on the topics of medication adherence and stress management.
Clinical Research Keywords
Resilience, Positive Psychology, Happiness, Stress Management, Adherence, Motivation for Healthy Changes
Armstrong C, Wolever RQ, Manning L, Elam R, Moore M, Frates EP, Duskey H, Anderson C, Curtis RL, Masemer S, Lawson K. Group health coaching: strengths, challenges, and next steps. Glob Adv Health Med. 2013 May; 2(3): 95-102. PMID: 24416678, PMCID: PMC3833535, PII: gahmj.2013.019, DOI: 10.7453/gahmj.2013.019, ISSN: 2164-957X.