James S. Powers, M.D.



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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Medicine Adjunct Professor of Nursing
M.D., University of Rochester, Rochester, New YorkB.A., Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
Office Address
7th Floor MCE
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Clinical Expertise
Accidental Falls; Delirium; Dementia; Geriatric Consultation; Geriatric Syndromes; Hospital Care of Elderly; Interdisciplinary Patient Care Teams; Long Term Care; Patient Centered Medical Home

Educational and Service Contributions
Developed Acute Care for Elderly (VU), and Geriatric Evaluation and Management (VA) Units
and maintained these since 1987, serving as interdisciplinary training sites for trainees
Developed geriatrics program over 25 years impacting over 1400 trainees at VU
PI of Reynolds Geriatrics Education Program which supports medical school, residency, faculty, interdisciplinary, regional educational programs
Participant in medical school and Medicine Residency curriculum development with preceptorship, geriatrics, outpatient, home and community-based training programs
Developed Geriatric Fellowship Program 1999 with 16 fellows completed training,
Invited lecturer for hundreds of presentations, regionally, nationally, internationally
Developed Geriatrics and Extended Care Program for VISN 9 as AD/C Tennessee Valley GRECC, serving as a consultant for VA geriatric services development in TN, KY, WVa
Served on numerous Geriatric Quality Assurance Committees at VU/VA (Falls, Decubiti, Delirium, Dementia Care, Dysphagia, Restraint Reduction, Palliative Care, JCAHO, Root Cause Analysis for Patient on Patient Assaults, Peer Review Committee)
Reviewer, Studio Participant for new faculty projects related to geriatrics
Board membership local, state, national geriatrics societies (AGS, AMDA, GSA, TMA)
Board membership of regional non-profits facilitating Geriatric Care (Alzhiemer’s Association, Alive Hospice, Council on Aging, Tennessee Health Care Campaign)
Preceptor and Advisory Board Member VU Student Shade Tree Clinic since 2005
Chaired TennCare Pharmacy Advisory Committee 2003-2008, developing the first Medicaid formulary for Tennessee
Collaborator with the Vanderbilt-Meharry Alliance in developing the Geriatric Education Center

Tennessee Geriatric Society Clinician of the Year, 1991
American Geriatric Society Recognition Award, 1997-
Volunteer Award, Alzheimer’s Association of Middle Tennessee, 1997, 2002
Communication Services Award, Vanderbilt Dept. Speech Pathology, 1998
F. Tremaine Billings Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching, VUMC, 2000
Mental Health Professional of the Year 2000, Mental Health Assn. Middle TN
American Red Cross - Seven gallon plus donor
Meharry Geriatric Education Center Support Award 2004
Area Agency on Aging and Disability, Excellence in Aging Award, 2007
Elizabeth Jacobs Distinguished Service Award, Nashville Council on Aging, 2008
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Award, Vanderbilt-Meharry Alliance, 2009
2009 Marsha Goodwin-Beck VA Interdisciplinary Award for Excellence in Geriatric
Clinical Care Delivery

Selected Publications (of 90)
1. Powers JS, Folk C, Collins JC, Burger MC, Wilson P, Stocking B. The Influence of Vitamin Supplements on Micronutrient Levels in Healthy Elderly Subjects. J. Am. Coll. Nutr. 8:171-2; 1989
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6. Powers JS, Zimmer J, Collins JC, Meurer K, Greene HL. Direct Assay of Vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-6 in Hospitalized Patients: Relationship to Level of Intake JPEN 17:315-16, 1993
7. White S, Powers JS, Effectiven
Research Keywords
Geriatric clinical care, education, and clinical demonstration projects. Geriatrics Fellowship Director and Associate Clinical Director, GRECC. Research Interests Accidental Falls; Frail Elderly; Geriatrics Education; Long Term Care; Malnutrition
Clinical Research Keywords
Geriatric Models of Care, Dementia and Delirium, Nutrition and Aging, Medication Safety, Informatics in Geriatrics Medical Education and Quality Improvement
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