Philip David Charles, M.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Neurology
M.D., Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeB.S., Computer Science and Mathemathics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
Office Address
Department of Neurology
Suite A-1106 MCN
1161 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Research interests include the treatment of early stage Parkinson's disease with deep brain stimulation and the treatment of spasticity and cervical dystonia with botulinum toxin injection.
Clinical Description
Clinical interests include the treatment of children and adults with spasticity and adults with Parkinson's disease, tremor, and dystonia.
Research Keywords
Parkinson's disease, cervical dystonia, spasticity, deep brain stimulation, botulinum toxin injection
Clinical Research Keywords
Movement Disorders, Parkinson's Disease, Dystonia, Tremor, Spasticity
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