Curtis A. Wushensky, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointments
Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
M.D., DOCTOR OF MEDICINE, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaB.A., Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Office Address
1422 VCH
Nashville, TN 37232-9700
Clinical Description
Curtis A. Wushensky, M.D., earned his medical degree from the University of Pittsburg Medical School. He completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at George Washington University Medical Center and a fellowship in Neuroradiology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Dr. Wushensky joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 2000 as Assistant Professor.

Section: Neuroradiology
Research Keywords
Lanham P, Wushensky C. 2nd Branchial Cleft Cyst Mimic. AJNR. 2003 Jun.

Paueksakon P, Parker JR, Fan X, Miles G, Ruiz H, Wushensky C, Johnson MD. Melanotic Neuroectodermal Tumor of Infancy Discovered after Head Trauma. Pediatric Neuro Surgery. 2002; ((36)): 33-6.

Lowe LH, Stokes LS, Johnson JE, Heller RM, Royal SA, Wushensky C, Hernanz-Schulman M. Swelling at the Angle of the Mandible: Imaging of the Pediatric Parotid Gland and Periparotid Region. Radiographics. 2001; 21((5)): 1211-27.