Spyros A. Kalams, M.D.

Associate Professor

Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
M.D., University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, ConnecticutB.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Office Address
A-2200 Medical Center North
Research Description
Dr. Kalams joined the Infectious Disease staff at Vanderbilt University in 2002. Dr. Kalams is currently the director of viral immunology studies in the Vanderbilt Infectious Diseases Unit and is the Principal Investigator of the Vanderbilt HIV Vaccine Trials Unit. He is also the Director of the Laboratory Sciences Core of the Tennessee Center For AIDS Research. His laboratory investigates new strategies to quantitate HIV-specific cytotoxic T cell (CTL) and helper responses, which will be important for the evaluation of vaccines entering clinical trials.

Dr. Kalams was the first to demonstrate the persistence of HIV-1 specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) clones in vivo during chronic HIV infection, and has received NIH R01-funding to 1) Evaluate why CTL responses decline with disease progression, 2) Assess the T-cell repertoire of developing and established immune responses, and 3) Determine whether the avidity of developing CTL responses influences viral set point. Other research interests include understanding the mechanisms of immune escape from CTL recognition (to evaluate the role HIV sequence variation plays in disease progression), and the evaluation of CTL responses of patients with long-term non-progressing HIV-1 infection (to evaluate whether patients without disease progression have unique or more robust immune responses).

Current active projects include 1) Using mass cytometry to identify cell populations able to predict humoral immune responses to influenza vaccination in stem cell transplant recipients (Adults and Children). 2) Identifying the molecular signatures of circulating CD4+ T cells that provide help to B cells, and that predict successful vaccine-induced immune responses (HIV and influenza vaccines). 3) Understanding T cell mediated control of latent tuberculosis infection. The overall theme of these projects is to understand immune responses to natural infection or vaccination.
Clinical Description
Dr. Kalams is an infectious diseases specialist.
Research Keywords
Cellular immune responses directed against viral and bacterial pathogens
Clinical Research Keywords
Therapeutic immunization, HIV vaccines
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 12/26/2007
We are looking for a postdoc to help evaluate cell-mediated immune responses directed against HIV. The broad goals of several related projects are to:

1) Evaluate why CTL responses decline with disease progression, 2) Assess the T-cell repertoire of developing and established immune responses, and 3) Determine whether the avidity of developing CTL responses influences viral set point.

Other research interests include understanding the mechanisms of immune escape from CTL recognition (to evaluate the role HIV sequence variation plays in disease progression), and the evaluation of CTL responses of patients with long-term non-progressing HIV-1 infection (to evaluate whether patients without disease progression have unique or more robust immune responses).

Techniques used to evaluate these responses will include (but are not limited to): Multi-color flow cytometry, Flow sorting, Real-time PCR, Sequencing of T cell receptor genes, intracellular cytokine secretion analysis by flow cytometry and ELISpot.