Sandra F. Simmons, Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Medicine Professor of PsychologyPaul V. Hamilton, M.D. Chair in Geriatrics
Ph.D., Gerontology & Clinical Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PennsylvaniaM.A., Clinical Psychology, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TennesseeB.A., Psychology, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Office Address
2525 West End Ave, Suite #350
Nashville, TN 37203
Research Description
Sandra F. Simmons, PhD, is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Geriatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She also holds a secondary appointment as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt University. Her background and training is in clinical psychology and gerontology. She serves as the Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging ( and Deputy Assistant Director of Research at the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC), Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Veterans Administration. She is also a Senior Scholar for the VA Quality Scholars Program. Dr. Simmons has been the recipient of numerous grants to examine issues in gerontology from the National Institutes of Health and Aging, Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, Veterans Healthcare Administration and the National Alzheimer’s Association. Specifically, her research foci include clinical interventions to improve quality of care and quality of life for older adults in a variety of care settings including acute care, post-acute care, long-term care and dementia care within assisted-living. Her current research examines interventions to reduce polypharmacy and improve geriatric syndromes among hospitalized older adults transitioning to post-acute care.
Clinical Research Keywords
Long term care, quality of care, quality of life, staffing resources, best practices, nutrition, assessment, satisfaction and preference
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 11/1/2019

The Nashville VA Quality Scholars Program ( is accepting applications for the position of post-doctoral scholars in clinical psychology. The Nashville program is part of the National VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) Program (, which develops leaders and scholars to improve healthcare. VAQS provides an interprofessional fellowship in healthcare quality improvement for physicians, doctoral-trained nurses, pharmacists, clinical psychologists and other health professionals.

Post-Doctoral Training: In this dedicated two-year fellowship, the VAQS program offers scholars opportunities to become leaders with knowledge and skills to:

• Improve health care delivery, health systems organization and management, and health professions education through interventions that exert positive influences in each domain

• Apply the knowledge and methods of health care quality improvement to the care of individual patients and populations

• Teach health professionals about healthcare improvement

• Perform research and develop new knowledge for the ongoing improvement of the quality and value of healthcare services.

The Nashville VAQS Program is known for its robust research and quality improvement programs and close collaborations with Vanderbilt University and its vast array of resources. We leverage resources within our VA, across the VA nationally, and those available through our academic affiliate (Vanderbilt), including the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, the Center for Health Services Research, the Center for Clinical Quality and Implementation Research, the Center for Health Behavior and Health Education, the Department of Biomedical Informatics, the Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center, the Center for Surgical Quality and Outcomes Research, the Center for Quality Aging, the Schools of Management and Education, and the nationally recognized Precision Medicine Initiative and Population Health Initiative, among many others.

Faculty at the Nashville VA Quality Scholars site are sought after for their breadth and depth of experience in quality improvement, implementation science, health services research, clinical epidemiology and outcomes research, health behavior, and clinical informatics. Our faculty strive to generate the evidence-basis for the content, processes and structures of clinical care, and designing and implementing transformational change across a wide variety of clinical specialties. There is integration and collaboration across other disciplines to advance population health. In addition, faculty within the Vanderbilt Psychology Department and licensed PhD Clinical Psychologists working clinically either at the VA or Vanderbilt are available to mentor and supervise clinical psychology fellows.

To Apply: Please refer to website ( and email or any of the other Senior Scholars.