Fred H. Bess, Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Hearing and Speech Sciences Vickie and Thomas Flood Chair in Hearing and Speech SciencesProfessor of Otolaryngology
Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MichiganM.S., Audiology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeA.B., Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Office Address
Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Ctr
1215 21st Avenue South, 6308 MCE
Nashville, TN 37232-8718
Research Description
Prevention, indentification, assessment, and management of children with hearing impairment. Recent research concerns minimal hearing loss in children, auditory processing disorders in children, and auditory rehabilitation for the elderly.
Bess, F. H. School-aged children with minimal sensorineural hearing loss. 1999.

Tharpe, A. M. & Bess, F. H. Minimal, progressive, and fluctuating hearing losses in children: Characteristics, identification, and management. 1999.

Bess, F. H., Hedley-Williams, A., Lichtenstein, M. J. Audiologic assessment in the elderly. 1999.

Bess, F. H. Hearing impairment in the elderly. 1999.

Huymes, L. E., Christensen, L. A. Bess, F. H., Hedley- Williams, A., and Bentler, R. A comparison of the aided performance and benefit provided by a linear and a two-channel wide dynamic range compression hearing aid. 1999.