Jennifer L. Halpern, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointments
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation
M.D., Medicine , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeB.A., Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Office Address
Medical Center East, South Tower, Suite 4200
Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Dr. Halpern joined the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute in 2007. Her Clinical interests include tissue engineering and cancer biology.

She received her BA at Princeton University in molecular biology in 1995. She received her MD from Vanderbilt University Medical School in 1999. Her Orthopaedic residency was completed at Vanderbilt in 2006 after which she completed a fellowship in Orthopaedic Oncology at Vanderbilt in 2007.
Research Keywords
tissue engineering, cancer biology
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