Paul A. Voziyan, Ph.D.

Research Professor
Faculty Appointments
Research Professor of Medicine
Ph.D., Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, UkraineM.S., Shevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine
Office Address
B-3113 MCN
FL 2358
Research Description
In diabetes, the elevated levels of glucose and its degradation products cause the increase in specific chemical modifications of proteins called advanced glycation end products or AGEs. Our research focuses on uncovering the mechanisms by which such protein modifications could cause diabetic complications, in particular diabetic nephropathy. Studies include (i) biochemical characterization of AGE modifications and their effects on protein structure and function; (ii) effects of AGE-modified proteins on cell signaling and cell behavior; (iii) determination of global changes in cellular proteome caused by AGE-modified proteins.

We also focus on development of novel strategies to inhibit AGE modifications and preserve protein functionality in diabetes. In particular, we investigate mechanisms of action of pyridoxamine, a prospective drug for treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

In our laboratory and through multiple collaborations we employ such experimental methods as nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography, mass-spectrometry, analysis of protein conformation by absorbance and fluorescence techniques, high performance liquid chromatography, cell culture and animal models.
Research Keywords
non-enzymatic glycation; protein modification; advanced glycation end products; diabetic complications; pyridoxamine
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 10/2/2017

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join the Billy Hudson lab in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension. The research program is focused on structure and function of renal extracellular matrix in normal and disease states. The successful candidate will be a part of highly motivated and productive research team.

The ideal applicant will have PhD in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, or related field and demonstrated experience with protein expression, purification and analysis, cell culture, and immunodetection approaches. Responsibilities include designing and implementing experiments, data collection and analysis, abstract and manuscript preparation and scientific presentations. The successful candidate should have a demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively, possess strong oral and written communication skills.

Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter describing previous research experience as well as current interests, curriculum vitae and contact details of three references to Paul Voziyan, Ph.D. by email at