Volker H. Haase, M.D.



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Faculty Appointments
Professor of Medicine Krick-Brooks Chair in NephrologyProfessor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
M.D., Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Office Address
Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, C-3119A MCN
1161 21st Avenue, So.
Nashville, TN 37232-2372
Research Description


The laboratory of Professor Volker H. Haase studies hypoxia response pathways and their therapeutic applications in erythropoiesis and iron metabolism, kidney injury and ischemic pre-conditioning, inflammation, kidney development and tumorigenesis. A major focus of the lab is on the interplay between hypoxic signaling, metabolism and cellular differentiation and its regulation by the prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) / hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) / von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor (VHL) signaling axis. The activity of HIF transcription factors is controlled by PHD enzymes, which function as oxygen sensors and target the HIF alpha-subunit for hydroxylation and subsequent proteasomal degradation via the VHL-E3 ubiquitin ligase. These enzymes represent excellent drug targets and several compounds have been developed that are currently in clinical trials for the treatment of renal anemia (Koury and Haase, Nat Rev Nephrol, 2015).

Haase group members take advantage of powerful cutting-edge mouse genetics, biochemical, metabolomic and single cell approaches to study oxygen and mitochondrial metabolism in kidney, urologic and other diseases.

Initially, the Haase research program started with the generation of the first mouse model for VHL disease, which reproduces clinical manifestations of the disease, such as renal cysts, hemangiomas and polycythemia. As part of this effort, the laboratory has established specific roles for HIF-1 and HIF-2 in the pathogenesis of VHL-associated liver hemangiomas, in the hypoxic induction of hepatic and renal erythropoietin and in the regulation of glucose and fatty acid metabolism.

A major research focus of the laboratory is on understanding the molecular and cellular basis of hypoxia responses in the adult kidney and in kidney development. As part of this effort the laboratory have spearheaded studies that established novel molecular links between hypoxia, HIF signaling and the progression of chronic kidney disease. The lab has also spearheaded studies that aim at defining the interplay between alterations in energy metabolism, cellular differentiation, cell-cell interactions, inflammation and tissue repair mechanisms.

Another major research focus is on the role of HIF in the regulation of EPO synthesis in kidney and liver as well as iron metabolism. The Haase laboratory has generated several genetic models of polycythemia and anemia and has contributed to defining HIF’s role in iron metabolism and to the development of drugs (HIF stabilizers) that are currently in clinical trial for the treatment of renal anemia. Specifically, the group has identified HIF-2 as the key regulator of renal EPO synthesis and established that HIF coordinates erythropoiesis with iron metabolism by directly regulating iron uptake and release.
Research Keywords
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of oxygen sensing in health and disease, mouse models, hypoxia, renal anemia, erythropoietin, iron metabolism, mitochondrial metabolism, ischemic kidney injury, fibrosis, von Hippel-Lindau disease, pericytes, microvasculature.
Clinical Research Keywords
General Nephrology, Renal Anemia, von Hippel-Lindau Disease
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 10/2/2018


Postdoc and graduate training opportunities in the HAASE group:

The laboratory of Professor Volker H. Haase is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. The Haase lab studies hypoxia responses in physiology and pathogenesis with a focus on the PHD/HIF pathway and mitochondrial metabolism.

A successful applicant will work in a very competitive field and must have outstanding technical, and excellent oral communication and writing skills.

Applicants should contact Professor Haase directly by e-mail and provide a cover letter with curriculum vitae.

For more information visit the Haase Lab website:  https://www.haaselab.org

Follow the Haase lab on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hifpathway

Research projects include:

a) physiologic and molecular characterization of mouse models of disrupted HIF oxygen sensing and mitochondrial metabolism,

b) oxygen-dependent regulation of erythropoiesis, cellular erythropoietin production and iron metabolism,

c) functional and molecular characterization of hypoxia responses in cellular metabolism and tissue injury responses,

d) in vitro and in vivo investigations of hypoxic signaling pathways in acute and chronic kidney injury and renal cancer,

e) single cell RNA seq to characterize hypoxia responses in individual renal cells and renal cancer cells,

f) in vitro and in vivo studies of mitochondrial function in renal disease, polycystic kidney disease and renal cell cancer,

g) HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors in renal physiology.

Rotation students will participate in ongoing projects and will be exposed to a broad spectrum of molecular techniques, as well as in vivo work.