Matthew Bret Weinger, M.D.

Faculty Appointments
Professor of Anesthesiology Professor of Civil and Environmental EngineeringNorman Ty Smith Chair in Patient Safety and Medical SimulationProfessor of Biomedical InformaticsProfessor of Medical Education & Administration (VUMC)
M.D., University of California, San Diego, CaliforniaM.S., Biological Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, CaliforniaB.S., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California
Office Address
1211 21st Ave N, Medical Arts Bldg, Suite 732
Nashville, TN 37212
Research Description
VUMC’s Center for Research and Innovation in Systems Safety (CRISS), directed by Matthew B. Weinger, MD, is a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative center, with projects spanning numerous clinical domains (from the medical home to the operating room and ICU) and disciplines (medicine, nursing and pharmacy). Using a range of human factors, usability and systems engineering, cognitive psychology, and implementation science techniques, CRISS studies performance during patient care and in realistic simulations to better understand how and why care deviates from optimal, then proposes interventions to improve the safety and quality of care.

CRISS investigators include anesthesiologists, PhD researchers, nursing and design staff, and faculty collaborators across Health Sciences and in the School of Engineering. They are particularly interested in designing and evaluating medical technologies (i.e., devices and information systems) with an emphasis on the effects of the introduction of new technologies on clinical care, and the use of electronically generated clinical data to identify evolving events and support decision-making. CRISS explores the nature of expertise, clinician-clinician communication, situational awareness, the workload and stress of individual clinicians and of teams, individual and group performance-shaping factors, human-technology interactions and novel methods of information presentation to generate practical benefits in terms of improved clinical care processes and outcomes.

Through 2017, our involvement with VUMC operational initiatives in quality improvement includes conducting formal usability testing of VUMC software applications and of medical devices being considered for purchase. CRISS was instrumental in projects that re-engineered blood transfusion processes, improved clinician handovers, redesigned clinical informatics tools, and enhanced compliance with perioperative timeouts and checklists. Recent projects include identifying opportunities for improvement for the new eStar (Epic) nursing medication administration application, improving the usability of the APD (provider directory) and contributing to the design and development of Hubbl, a new VUMC IT project management initiative.
Research Keywords
Patient Safety, Informatics, Simulation, Human Factors Engineering, Implementation Science, Usability Engineering, Human-Centered Design, Clinical Decision Support, Cognitive Science, Industrial Engineering, Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine, Patient-reported outcome
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