Kelly A. Birdwell, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointments
Assistant Professor of Medicine
M.S.C.I., Clinical Investigation , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeM.D., Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GeorgiaB.A., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
Office Address
1161 21st Avenue
S-3223 MCN
Nashville, TN 37232-2372
Clinical Description
Dr. Birdwell is a nephrologist, transplant specialist and translational physician-scientist specializing in patient-oriented research. She examines the factors involved in the pathogenesis, course, and survival of patients with kidney failure and kidney transplantation, with studies ranging from genotypic variation and molecular consequences to biologic markers of disease. In particular, her work focuses on the cardiovascular and metabolic complications associated with kidney transplant and immunosuppression, investigating the interplay of phenotypic, genetic and biochemical abnormalities inherent to those scenarios. Using a pharmacogenomics approach, She conducts research by using BioVU, Vanderbilt’s DNA biobank, and the Synthetic Derivative, corresponding electronic medical record data. Dr. Birdwell directs an ongoing prospective observational study of patients with kidney transplant, which involves the ascertainment of phenotypic data and biospecimens at 3-4 month intervals on all such patients followed at Vanderbilt University, and provides a unique resource for the prospective pharmacogenomics assessment of these patients. Furthermore, she has successfully conducted and published a genetic association study of polymorphisms of tacrolimus dose requirement in kidney transplant using BioVU/Synthetic Derivative, and she is NIH funded to use these same resources to determine genetic variants associated with new onset diabetes after transplant.

Dr. Birdwell is a member of the Vanderbilt Center for Kidney Disease (VCKD),

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Clinical Research Keywords
kidney transplant, obesity, oxidative stress, pharmacogenomics, calcineurin inhibitor toxicity, new onset diabetes after transplant
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