Joern-Hendrik Weitkamp, M.D.

Faculty Appointments
Professor of Pediatrics
M.D., Medicine, Universität Ulm, Ulm, Germany
Office Address
Childrens Way
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
The focus of my research and scholarly work has been in neonatal immunology, neonatal infectious disease and necrotizing enterocolitis. I am specifically interested in the prenatal influences on the developing immune system. We use human tissue, blood and saliva samples to discover the microbial, metabolomic and immunological profiles and mechanisms of prematurity and its complications.

As the Director for Patient-Oriented Research, I oversee numerous clinical trials and translational studies in neonatology. Topics include immunological mechanisms of neurodevelopmental decline in MECP2 deletion syndrome, infectious causes of chronic lung disease, optimizing antimicrobial treatment in neonates, development of non-invasive diagnostics, aerolized surfactant, erythropoetin for brain protection and others.
Clinical Description
Attending Physician in the Division of Neonatology, DepartMonroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Supervise care of critically ill newborns inborn at the 100-bed level IV NICU or transported from referring hospitals throughout the states of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. Physician Leader, Vanderbilt NICU Choosing Wisely Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee since 2015.
Research Keywords
Mucosal immune development; necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC); microbiome; immunology; infectious disease; sepsis, pharmacology, neonatology
Clinical Research Keywords
Neonatal infectious diseases, sepsis marker, health-care associated infections, quality improvement
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