Wesley H. Self, M.D.

Associate Professor


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Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
M.P.H., Public Health, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeM.D., MEDICINE, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VirginiaB.S., Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina
Office Address
1313 21st Ave S
703 Oxford House
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Dr. Self is a physician-scientist focusing on improving the treatment of patients with infectious diseases and critical illness in the emergency department. His research involves disease entities such as pneumonia, sepsis, influenza, and soft tissue infections. He leads emergency department-based clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, and patient safety initiatives.
Research Keywords
emergency medicine; resuscitation; infectious diseases; pragmatic clinical trials; epidemiology; patient safety
Clinical Research Keywords
Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Pneumonia, Sepsis, Epidemiology, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety
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