Ying Cai, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Faculty Appointments
Research Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Beijing, ChinaM.S., Liaoning University, Shenyang, China
Gbadegesin RA, Adeyemo A, Webb NJ, Greenbaum LA, Abeyagunawardena A, Thalgahagoda S, Kale A, Gipson D, Srivastava T, Lin JJ, Chand D, Hunley TE, Brophy PD, Bagga A, Sinha A, Rheault MN, Ghali J, Nicholls K, Abraham E, Janjua HS, Omoloja A, Barletta GM, Cai Y, Milford DD, O'Brien C, Awan A, Belostotsky V, Smoyer WE, Homstad A, Hall G, Wu G, Nagaraj S, Wigfall D, Foreman J, Winn MP, . HLA-DQA1 and PLCG2 Are Candidate Risk Loci for Childhood-Onset Steroid-Sensitive Nephrotic Syndrome. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol [print-electronic]. 2015 Jul; 26(7): 1701-10. PMID: 25349203, PMCID: PMC4483579, PII: ASN.2014030247, DOI: 10.1681/ASN.2014030247, ISSN: 1533-3450.

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