Seth J. Karp, M.D.


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Faculty Appointments
Chair of the Section of Surgical Sciences Professor of Surgery Professor of AnesthesiologyH. William Scott Jr. Chair in Surgery
M.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MassachusettsM.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, MassachusettsA.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Office Address
1161 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37232-2730
Research Description
Dr. Karp's basic research laboratory investigates the mechanisms of liver regeneration. In particular, he is interested in molecules and mechanisms necessary for liver regeneration, as well as how liver cells interact and pattern the surrounding extracellular matrix.
His clinical research interests include increasing the number of organs available for transplantation, optimizing the use of all organs, and understanding and improving disparities in access to care for rural and underserved populations.
Clinical Description
Liver transplantation
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