Fred S. Lamb, M.D., Ph.D.

Faculty Appointments
Professor of Pediatrics Professor of Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsCornelius Vanderbilt Chair
Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MichiganM.D., MEDICINE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MichiganB.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Office Address
2200 Children's Way
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Cytokines are critical drivers of inflammation, and important therapeutic targets in aggressive inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and colitis. They also drive more indolent inflammatory conditions such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, however safe and effective tools for long term modulation of cytokine signaling are lacking. Reactive oxygen produced by the Nox1 NADPH oxidase is required for signaling by TNFalpha, IL-1beta and for endotoxin signaling through TLR4 receptors. We have identified two types of anion transporters, the ClC-3 Cl-/H+ exchanger and the LRRC8 family of anion channels, which are required for superoxide production by Nox1. The long-term goal of the Lamb laboratory is to determine if anion transport can be pharmacologically targeted to modulate cytokine signaling and control inflammation. Our primary research focus is to determine mechanisms by which Nox1-derived superoxide supports signaling, define the functional relationship between anion transport and Nox1, and assess the impact of anion transport inhibition on superoxide production and inflammation in both cultured cell and whole animal models.
Clinical Description
I am the Division Head for Pediatric Critical Care, and practice as an attending physician in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU.
Research Keywords
Inflammation, Cytokine Signaling, TNFalpha, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, ClC-3, LRRC8, Nox1,
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 4/17/2018

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with electrophysiological training to study chloride ion currents and chloride transport in vascular smooth muscle cells from the ductus arteriosus using whole cell patch clamp and fluorescence imaging techniques. This is an NIH funded position. The qualified individual will work with a team of close collaborators to use a combination of whole-cell and perforated-patch techniques, tissue physiology and cell imaging techniques to characterize the involvement of anion channels and transporters in the oxygen-dependent closure of the ductus arteriosus at the time of birth. Persistent patency of this vascular structure, which bridges the systemic and pulmonary circulations in utero, is a very significant clinical problem, particularly in premature infants. This work seeks to identify novel approaches to pharmacologic manipulation of ductal patency.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in physiology, pharmacology, biophysics, or related field, with prior patch clamp experience. Excellent English language skills (both written and oral). Salary is commensurate with experience. Health and retirement benefits included.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest briefly describing their research experience and career goals, a current CV, and names and contact information of three references.

Fred S. Lamb MD, PhD