Rebecca A. Ihrie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Ph.D., Cancer Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CaliforniaB.S., Biochemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Office Address
MCN B2317
1161 21st Ave
Nashville, TN 37232-6840
Research Description
I am interested in the signaling pathways regulating proliferation and differentiation in neural stem/progenitor cells and brain tumor cells. My long-term goals are to reveal how the normal proliferation and differentiation of stem cells is controlled in the brain, dissect how perturbations of these pathways results in neurological diseases, and leverage these findings to treat human disease. In my independent lab, I lead a group which includes a senior neurosurgery resident, practicing neuropathologist, and three graduate students. I work collaboratively with neurosurgeons, neurologists, developmental biologists, and cancer systems biology faculty to map cell-to-cell differences in proliferative signaling in neural stem cells, neurodevelopmental disorders, and all grades of brain tumors.

My laboratory uses cytometric approaches to 1) identify proliferative pathways that are differentially active within cell subsets in the stem cell niche of the ventricular-subventricular zone), 2) determine how this pattern of activation is altered in disease states, particularly pediatric neurological disorders and adult high-grade brain tumors, and 3) directly identify subpopulations of progenitor-like brain tumor cells using multiparameter single-cell protein analyses. @IhrieLab

Research Keywords
Stem Cells, Brain Tumors , Developmental Biology , Systems Biology , Signal Transduction , Computational and Systems Biology , Stem Cell Biology & Regeneration , Cancer Biology , Cell Signaling , Developmental Neuroscience , Developmental Biology, Flow cytometry, Mass cytometry, Imaging
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