Ken Lau, Ph.D.

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Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology Associate Professor of Surgery
Ph.D., Proteomics and Bioinformatics , University of Toronto, Toronto, CanadaB.Sc., University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Office Address
2215 Garland Ave, MRB IV 10465J
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
Our lab develops and applies computational approaches to high content data generated by single-cell technologies to understand epithelial tissue function and organization. The intestinal epithelium is a single cell layer that separates the trillions of microbes in the gut lumen from the host’s body. The central goal of my lab is to understand how the inflammatory microenvironment, the so-called “niche”, signal to epithelial cells to alter their phenotypes. Microenvironmental signaling is exquisitely regulated to constrain and maintain a homeostatic state between epithelial cells, luminal microbes, and underlying immune cells. A disrupted balance leads to diseases such Inflammatory Bowel Disease and colorectal cancer. My lab is broadly interested in understanding how niche signals are integrated and interpreted to result in cell fate decisions, such as cellular decisions to differentiate into one cell type versus another. We utilize single approaches such as DISSECT-CyTOF (Simmons et al., 2015), multiplex imaging (MxIF) (McKinley et al., 2017), and single-cell RNA-seq to query single-cell states. We aim to unravel the degree of heterogeneity and plasticity of epithelial cell populations, such as cancer stem cells, in vivo, and to translate such knowledge into therapeutically tractable targets.
Research Keywords
single-cell, computational systems biology, inflammation, colorectal cancer, stem cells, epithelial biology, cell state specification, signal transduction
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 12/6/2018

An immediate opening for a postdoctoral position exists at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. The project is to examine the role of stem cells in metastasis using orthotopic mouse models of colon cancer with unique reporters embedded. Individuals with experience in mouse models, colonoscopy, lineage mapping, and immunofluorescence microscopy are encouraged to apply. The Lau lab collaborates closely with the Coffey lab, and the individual will be immersed in an interdisciplinary environment with training opportunities in single-cell resolution multiplex immunofluorescence, smFISH, and single-cell RNA-seq, organoids, and computational data science techniques. Funding is secure, along with a highly competitive salary and fringe benefits. Those interested should contact Ken Lau at with a CV and cover letter.