Kim Lori Sandler, M.D.

Associate Professor
Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Radiology & Radiological Sciences
M.D., Medicine , Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TennesseeB.A., English, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
Clinical Description
Kim Sandler, MD, is an honors graduate from Emory University and earned her medical degree from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She went on to complete a residency in Radiology at Vanderbilt, during which she received the Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award (2011-2012) and the Radiology Resident of the Year award (2013). After completing a fellowship in Cardiopulmonary Imaging at Vanderbilt, she joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 2015. Dr. Sandler currently serves as Co-Director of the Vanderbilt Lung Screening Program.

Section: Cardiothoracic Imaging

VUMC email:
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