Patricia A. Commiskey, Dr.P.H.

Research Associate Professor
Faculty Appointments
Research Associate Professor of Neurology
Dr.P.H., Community Health Sciences, Tulane University, New Orleans, LouisianaM.A., Legal and Ethical Studies, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MarylandB.A., Communications, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama
Office Address
1514 Jefferson Highway, #6E325
New Orleans, LA
Research Description
Dr. Patricia Commiskey is a public health researcher focused on disease prevention and management. With over 20 years of experience working in research on community-based projects, education, engagement, and behavior change strategies, she has worked extensively on federal and state funded initiatives in stroke, chronic disease, and cancer, with previous research focused on identifying and eliminating health disparities, building research participation and academic-community partnerships, incorporating technology into healthcare, and reducing risk factors and disease recurrence post-stroke. As a faculty researcher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in the Department of Neurology, Dr. Commiskey focuses on developing integrated systems of care, including the impact of care systems on patients, caregivers, family, and other stakeholders, and using innovative technology to facilitate effective care systems for stroke.
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