Norman Edwin Trevathan, M.D.

Faculty Appointments
Professor of Pediatrics Professor of NeurologyAmos Christie Chair
M.P.H., Emory University, Atlanta, GeorgiaM.D., Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GeorgiaB.S., Chemistry, David Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee
Research Description
Dr. Trevathan (, a pediatric neurologist and epidemiologist, has spent his career at the interface between pediatric neurology, epidemiology, global public health, and global health leadership. Having previously spent several years in senior leadership positions at Washington University in St. Louis, the CDC, Saint Louis University and Baylor University, Dr. Trevathan now directs the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (VIGH. VIGH is an institute without walls that facilitates multi-disciplinary research and education across Vanderbilt, with sites collaborative throughout the world.

Trevathan's current research includes two large projects that address childhood epilepsy in low-middle income countries (LMICs) in Africa. Bridging the Childhood Treatment Gap in Africa (BRIDGE) seeks to develop and test methods for reducing the epilepsy treatment gap in Africa. About 80% of the world's children with epilepsy live in LMICs - many in Africa. Of children with epilepsy in Africa, about 60-90% are without any treatment and many have never been properly diagnosed - the "epilepsy treatment gap". BRIDGE has developed novel epilepsy screening and seizure classification tools, epilepsy education programs for community health workers and piloted a novel system for shifting epilepsy care from physicians to specially-trained community health workers. BRIDGE-1, a 5-year project funded by Fogarty International Center (FIC) and National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) at NIH (1R01 NS113171), is a large cluster randomized clinical trial (cRCT) at 60 sites in 3 cities in northern Nigeria; BRIDGE-1 compares epilepsy outcomes among children diagnosed and receiving care from epilepsy-trained community health workers (task-shifted care) versus children diagnosed and treated by local physicians. Outcomes are measured by physician epilepsy experts who are blinded as to the type of care received by each child. BRIDGE-1, scheduled to be completed in 2024, will be the first major cRCT testing the World Health Organization's (WHO's) recommendation for addressing diagnosis and treatment gaps in epilepsy and other major neurological disorders. BRIDGE-1 also investigates the implementation and the cost-effectiveness of task-shifted epilepsy care in Africa. Future BRIDGE studies being planned include genomics and pharmacogenomics of childhood epilepsy in northern Nigeria, and genetic epidemiology studies of childhood epilepsy in northern Nigeria.

Childhood Status Epilepticus and Epilepsy Determinants of Outcome (SEED) is a new 5-year study with a planned launch in the summer of 2020. SEED-1 is a large cohort study of children with status epilepticus (SE) in Kano, northern Nigeria. SEED-1 plans to enroll about 1650-1800 children with SE over 24 months, and follow each child for 24 months. The specific aims are: (a) deep phenotyping of children with SE in northern Nigeria using point-of-care EEG and EEG-video, detailed clinical assessments, and brain MRI; (b) clinical predictors of short-term, including benzodiazepine resistance, and short-term mortality, and long-term outcomes including mortality, morbidity, and development of epilepsy among children who have SE as their first seizure; and, (c) genomic predictors of SE short-term and long-outcomes, initially with genome wide association studies (GWAS) with controls from H3Africa.

Clinical Description
Dr. Trevathan is a pediatric neurologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Research Keywords
Status epilepticus, childhood epilepsy, genomics, pharmacogenomics, benzodiazepine resistance, epidemiology
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