Carlos Henrique Serezani, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Professor of DermatologyAssociate Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and ImmunologyAssociate Professor of Pharmacology
Ph.D., Immunology, Institute of Physics - University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Office Address
MCN A2310A
Nashville, TN 37232
Research Description
The Serezani laboratory aims to develop therapeutic strategies to control systemic (sepsis) and localized infections (skin and lung) in healthy individuals, individuals with immune deficiencies, and those suffering from preexisting diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and aging. We have been concentrating much of our efforts in understanding how phagocytes (macrophages and neutrophils) behave and influence the outcome of infections in vivo. We have pioneered studies dissecting abnormal neutrophil actions in the site of infection and dissecting signaling programs elicited by pathogen recognition receptors in the skin. We also have been intensively investigating how immunometabolism influence epigenetic changes during sepsis. Our lab employs state of the art techniques to understand in vitro and in vivo cellular and microbial dynamics, such as intravital microscopy and IVIS imaging, along with different fluorescent transgenic and cell-specific deficient mice to track cell and organ-specific events.
Research Keywords
Diabetes, obesity, skin infection, sepsis. innate immunity, macrophage, neutrophil, host defense, microRNAs, lung injury, epigenetic, immunometabolism SOCS-1, abscess, immunotherapy
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 1/7/2021

The Serezani lab at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is looking to recruit a postdoctoral associate to work on different NIH-funded projects. Dr. Serezani is also a member of many institutional NIH T32 Training Grant that could provide multi-year support for postdoctoral trainees (USA citizens and Permanent Residents).

Our lab is interested in understanding how phagocyte's intracellular brakes influence host defense in systemic and localized infections. More specifically, we want to investigate:

1) Host-derived factors that account for enhanced susceptibility to infections in preexisting conditions. Using the in vivo imaging system (IVIS) and intravital microscopy, we are dissecting the dynamics of different monocyte, macrophage, and neutrophil populations in the skin and lung. We have been investigating how ingestion of dead cells (efferocytosis) influences metabolic reprogramming in diabetes, obesity, and aging. Another lab project aims to assess the role of microRNAs (mainly miR21) in neutrophil function during skin host defense.

2) Identification and actions of pleiotropic intracellular inhibitors during sepsis. We have been interested in identifying intracellular events that could decrease systemic inflammatory response during sepsis. We have been focusing on understanding the cellular and molecular targets of phosphatases (PTEN and SHP1) and suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) in neutrophils and macrophages during sepsis. We are identifying new regulatory programs triggered by PTEN and SOCS1 in inflammasome assembly and fatty acid oxidation that influences organ damage and mortality in sepsis.

The projects will be tailored to meet the individual qualifications and interests of the candidate. For example, the nature and extent of advanced microscopy and bioinformatics or a focus on different animal infection models can be discussed with the applicant.

Qualifications • Suitable applicants should have a recent Ph.D. in immunology or a related field, a record of productivity, and excellent communication skills. • The ideal candidate will work well in an interactive scientific environment, be intellectually curious, and have experience in all aspects of immunology. • Research experience in immunology, cell biology, and/or microbiology • Critical skills include¿extensive experience with animal handling, hands-on experience with, and extensive knowledge of tissue culture (including isolation of primary cells), basic molecular biology techniques, and basic fluorescent microscopy • Proven track record of troubleshooting and problem-solving. • Strong organizational skills with the ability to balance multiple projects in a fast-paced environment and bring projects to completion. • Willingness to learning bioinformatics to perform metabolomics, lipidomics, and RNAseq analysis • Interested in learning advanced microscopy, such as super-resolution microscopy, high-resolution live-cell imaging, and intravital microscopy. • Proven track record of troubleshooting and problem-solving. • Strong organizational skills with the ability to balance multiple projects in a fast-paced environment and bring projects to completion. • Helpful Nature – Offers to help lighten the load for others in times of need; volunteers rather than waiting to be asked; understands that almost no one works in a silo and needs the help of others to do their job well; recognizes that by helping others first, others will likely reciprocate Principal Responsibilities • Spearhead projects investigating the role of phosphatases in the metabolism control of epigenetics and inflammatory response • Independently design and conduct experiments under the supervision of the Principal Investigator. • Conduct literature reviews to be used in determining the most suitable research methods. • Present data in lab meetings (~1 x month),

  Candidate must be available to start working immediately or a later start date can be discussed. Highly motivated individuals should submit a single PDF file containing CV, a brief description of research interests and experience, and the names of 2-3 references to