Megan Behringer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointments
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and ImmunologySteven and Bunny Fayne Dean's Faculty Fellow in Biological Sciences
Ph.D., Genetics, University of Georgia, Athens, GeorgiaM.S., Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AlabamaB.S., Molecular Biology, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
Research Description
Experimental Evolution and Population Genetics of Microbes.

Comprising most of the tree of life and constituting a major source of human disease, microbes are the most diverse organisms on earth. Armed with large population sizes and a multitude of ways to create sudden and dramatic changes to their genome, microbes are a fount of adaptive potential. Our research is focused on how
microbes adapt and diversify in novel complex environments. Among other environmental factors, these changes may be influenced by nutrient availability or limitation, spatial homogenization or structure, and the presence or absence of community members. We examine these questions on an individual (mutation accumulation), population (batch culture), and community (metagenomics) level.

Major topics the lab is currently investigating:
Bacterial adaptation in response to fluctuating resources and stressful environments. 
Genetic drivers of stable subpopulation structure in experimentally evolving Escherichia coli populations.
How interactions between genotype and the environment and genetic background shape mutation rates, mutation spectra, and nucleotide modifications in microbes. Evolution of uropathogenic and uroprotective microorganisms throughout clinical treatment and in a synthetic bladder environment.

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Research Keywords
Evolution, Microbiology, Bacterial Genetics, Population Genetics, Genomics, Microbiome, Urinary Tract, Stress resistance, Mutation
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